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Metal Buildings, Metal Siding, Metal Roofing

For more than 30 years Steelclad Ltd (formerly Superior Siding & Steel) has worked to serve our Commercial & Industrial customers with the highest level of expertise, quality and workmanship. If you are a General Contractor, or a property owner, looking for an expert & reliable Steel Erector then Call Now for an Estimate! We can also provide Labor for your metal roofing, metal siding or pre-engineered steel buildings..

When it comes to steel building erection, metal roofing & metal siding installation we deliver superior results. We know that with the current economy; keeping costs at or below your budget is vital. Steelclad Ltd has a proven track record of completeing projects on or under budget. Achieving profit for your company, without compromising on quality and service, is our Goal.

Middle Tennessee has been home to our family and business for nearly 20 years. Call us for your next project. Whether your project is industrial, commercial or retail STEELCLAD LTD will get the job done right, on budget and on time. We look forward to working with you!

Steelclad, LTD has been creating prefabricated steel buildings for different types of clients, from commercial buildings to residential and medical buildings. When you contract out to Steelclad, LTD, you know that you are getting high quality work that will last through almost anything. You can check out what metal siding can look like on a building, right here, as we have a gallery of photos from past jobs that you can peruse through to help you make your decision. The metal siding aesthetic isn’t for everyone, but it does work for many.

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Hemlo Gold Mines, Canada.
Nannie Berry Middle School
Pre-engineered Steel Building Erectors

Metal Siding

Many buildings use steel architecture in their construction, in no small part because steel is a very strong and very durable material that is proven to withstand much force and environmental havoc. Steelclad, LTD is a company that makes prefabricated steel buildings for our clients.

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Metal Roofing

Most people are used to seeing tiles or concrete roofs, whether they are at work or at home, but we bet that something you probably hadn’t considered is having a metal roof. Metal roofs are just another part of the flexible realm of steel architecture that we work with at Steelclad, LTD.

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Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

Almost all architectural constructions use some steel manufacturing in their creation. Whether this is the predominant source of building material or not depends a lot on the client and what they want for an aesthetic, and how much stress they can imagine their buildings coming under.

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